Business Efficiency with Strategic Partners - Banks

Tuesday, 19 December, 2017, 12:16 PM

The banks are in general under multiple market pressures which we can enunciate as coming from their clients (consumers, companies, institutions and governments), their competitors (banks, financial institutions and online operators), and from banking system regulators. However, these pressures carry the very same goal for everyone, which is undoubtedly the efficiency in business. Meanwhile, the new economy (4.0) evolves full of opportunities for banks to achieve their goals, but at the same time, it does not forgive to any of them the lack of vision, positioning and action, by presenting new proposals from all sectors.

Being a technological and financial company dedicated to the primary sector, the iNTELLIGENT TRADE AGENCY presents one of these opportunities, the individual and permanent PDO Exchanges, where the business efficiency can begin to materialize by the qualification of all parts involved, by the acceleration of professional negotiations due to online buy and sell orders (OBSO) and by the global promotion through online marketing.

For the Producers (supply), the Traders (demand) and for the Strategic Partners - Banks, the business efficiency goal's achievement is shared among all in this value chain and renews itself to each transaction via PDO Exchange. To this end, the opportunities are revealed by the sum of the needs and the availability of banking and financial services to support and lever the investment in development and sale of supply's portfolio, to refer and operationalize the capital for the purchase and expansion of demand's portfolio and to benefit the banks by diversifying the profile and number of clients. Additionally, the strategic management system allows the costs and profitability managing of each transaction fulfilled in a daily session, the planning of new transactions in the following sessions and the promotion in the global market of these multiple businesses, keeping the value chain always expanding.